Stitches.. page 24 of 365

Fear let’s face it we are all afraid of something. Spiders, closed spaces, flying , clowns, and the list can go on and on. While sitting here at my local urgent care thoughts of what the doctor will do to me ran like wild-fire in my mind. How in the hell did I end up here? For the past few days I was home sick recovering from The Bronchitis. ( Anything that’s bad should have a “The” in front). I can’t believe I’m sharing this but , since this is what my blog is all about me sharing my life’s stories here is the reason why I ended up at the urgent care.
See the day before I was being nosey peeping out my windows looking at the couple argue next door. Daytime drama at its best. I mean there was a live soap opera right outside my door. So here I am peeping thru the blinds when I decide to take a picture of the latest episode to show to my besties. Sadly, in this day and age that’s what we do. Be nosey and either record or take pictures of various situations in our lives documenting everything via photo. As I began to hit the camera button I knew I had a good angle angle and I thought my damn flash was off! Sadly it wasn’t. When I thought they saw me I immediately turned around and ran smack dab into the banister. My soul left my body. Blood was everywhere and my glasses were on the ground . I couldn’t see a thing not because of the injury but because I’m blind as a bat. I mean here I am blood on my face, my vision is limited, and my home alone. All I could think about was Lord please don’t let me die like this. Die alone in my house from splitting my forehead wide open because I was being a nosey ass. As the old folks say ” The Lord watches out for babies and fools” well I was the latter.
I didn’t cry nor did I scream. I was in shock more than anything and my head of course was pounding. I walked in the bathroom cleaned myself up and just sat there thinking how in the hell am I going to explain this? Like I can’t tell people the truth! So I quickly came up with a good story to tell my family, friends, and coworkers. I would tell them I became dizzy off the medication and fell. Yeah that sounded good and believable. When I finally had the nerve to actually look at my new birth mark it was pretty bad. A bandage would not be sufficient enough and it was apparent I would need stitches.

Fast forward and here I am at my local urgent care waiting for the doctor to look at my new birth mark. As I’m sitting here I began to think about my life and how I manage to bounce back from life’s obstacles.  The banister was a reminder of life’s challenges and at any given moment your life could change. One minute everything is going great then BAM you run into a situation or problem. How do you handle it? How do you get up from the fall? How do you overcome the problem? How long do you stay down before you pull yourself up by your shoelaces and get up?

What I do know is this. Whatever problems or obstacles that I run into figuratively and literally  God is always there for me. God is there to catch me when I fall , picking me up so that I can stand on my feet.  Always stitching my wounds mending my heart healing me in times of sorrow. Always taking the pain away making sure I feel whole again.
Soon the doctor will call me to the back ,inspect my wound ,and numb the affected area to ease the pain.  He will remove the simple band-aid that I am wearing and replace it with the stitches. The stitches will be secure and tight. He will stitch my laceration for healing. I will no longer be scared. Sometimes in life depending on the wound a simple band aid won’t be sufficient. Sometimes you need something that is stronger to heal the wound. I thank God for always being there to stitch my wounds making me whole again.

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