Page 45 of 365.. Valentine’s Day

I wake up this morning and as I look on the news and scroll through my time line on various social media outlets, comments of quirky Valentine’s Day jesters are everywhere. From elaborate proposals to people saying “I love you” in different languages THIS DAY is chosen to express how you feel about your significant other. I wondered how did THIS DAY become the day to express your love? So I did some research and discovered that THIS DAY was celebrated centuries ago to honor 2 saints named Valentinus. They celebrated their love for one a other with flowers, candy, and exchanged hand written greeting cards. There were feasts and even church service was held to show appreciation of the person you cared about. The day became well know in Chaucer’s literature during the Romance era as he wrote about the significance of the special day.

However, centuries later what started out as simple gestures is currently so commercialized and over the top that the true meaning is no longer there. Feasts now consist of long wait times at resturants and over priced menu items , stores are crowded with people on one aisle to purchase mass produced cards to express sentiment , and another aisle to purchase a variety of confectioneries.

While at at Walmart the night before I couldn’t help but laugh at what I saw. Men looked dishehelved because time is ticking away and they have to get something, mothers had frowns on their faces as their children eyes lit up in excitement about the parties they would have the next day. All of the pandemonium for THIS DAY surrounded me. Needless to say I was ready to escape the confusion as it began to suffocate me.

What intrigued me the most was how do people really feel about THIS DAY? Is it pressure for men to find the right gift so they won’t be made to feel bad by their significant other? Is it pressure for a woman to find a gift for a guy? If you’re single such as myself meaning no boyfriend or husband and you see the commercials and social media sensation regarding THIS DAY how does it make one feel if you don’t have anyone to celebrate it with? Does one embrace their single status more and hang out with other singles? Does one become saddened that they aren’t in a relationship? For me personally, I haven’t had the desire to celebrate THIS DAY since my divorce. I decided years ago that THIS DAY should be celebrated all year. Simple gestures such as cooking for me, flowers sent to my job, spontaneous dates, and talking dirty to me while I’m at work to name a few.

So this year on THIS DAY I celebrate the love I have for myself. I am truly at a better place in my life than I have been in several years. I love everything about me and love all of my imperfections that make me who I am. So on THIS DAY I will embrace it as I have never done before by simply loving me unconditionally.

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