Coconut Oil and EVOO.. page 48 of 365

It’s Saturday morning and I’m contemplating on what time I’m going to actually get up and be a responsible adult. I was debating on what time I should pick up my sons from my friends house , but what I need desperately right now is my java. I imagined the strong aroma settling in my nostrils gibing me the energy that I desired. As I took a moment to reflect and enjoy the peacefulness of my house I can only hear raindrops hitting against my window. The peace and stillness relax me and my body is limber. I decide I’m only going to lay here for 10 min and tell my bed he can no longer keep me hostage.

I look at the clock and 10 minutes pass and I get up from my king comfort of pleasure and take a nice hot soothing shower. The water felt good against my skin until it splashed on a unnoticeable scar on my arm. I didn’t think much of it and continue with my showering process. When I get out of the shower and begin to put my coconut and evoo oils on my body I noticed another scar on my leg. As I stand here in front of the mirror I begin to look at my melanin body taking in my reflection. Noticing all of me, my peaks, my birth marks from having children, and my smoothe southern valley I simply take in God’s creation. I began to look closely and pay attention to the scars on my body, scars that I had never noticed before. I mean some of the scars were from my childhood of climbing trees and falling or scars from chickenpox .I was familiar with those scars, but these new scars were unfamiliar to me . They were on my legs and other areas on my arms too. I have no idea how they ended up on my body and when did they get there.

I began to think that these physical scars weren’t noticed before because I simply hid them with my clothes. Rushing every morning not realizing what was going on with the external of my body. I then started to think about my internal scars. Scars that are embedded in my mind and heart. Internal scars that are always there and can’t be concealed with MAC, NARS, or Fenty. My internal scars. Scars from my childhood, divorce, and relationships that I allowed to take away my energy. Those scars embedded in my mind and heart and always there never leaving. As I looked at my old scars and new ones I saturated my body with my coconut and evoo mixture realizing that my old scars have healed and my new ones would do the same.

I know that the scars on my body will heal with time with oils like coconut, evoo, and Jamician castor oil. Internal scars will heal in time as well, however there is no oil that will heal it only time and prayer. Scars are apart of us they are in our memories and on our bodies, but we must not let them consume us. My scars are on me and in me but they do not control me and so I’ll continue to use coconut and evoo to heal my physical scars and prayer to heal my internal scars. This is my process what is yours ?

One thought on “Coconut Oil and EVOO.. page 48 of 365

  1. Great blog !…

    Scars to jog a memory or event but it is the emotional scars that most people don’t never heal it stays with them like a favorite purse or socks but once people heal the emotional wounds then the physical wounds we would never 👀


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