Mindset Monday.. page 50 of 365

Well it’s another Monday and the beginning of another week. I think pretty much every human being on the face of the planet despises Mondays. The day you realize the weekend is officially over, the alarm clock goes off numerous times so you consistently hit the snooze button. Eventually you have to get out of the comfort of your bed and face reality. This is usually well always my morning routine every Monday. After hitting my snooze button for the 30th time I continued with my morning routine which consists of reading a scripture from the Bible, saying my prayers, and getting my fix of social media entertainment. After doing this I always have tell myself I need to get my mind ready for the day. My mind needs to be free of negative thoughts or worries.

As we all know the mind is the most complex and unique organ in the human body. It is amazing how one organ controls our thoughts, our movements, sleep patterns, and breathing. This organ which contains 100 billion nerves controls our vision, senses, and even our handwriting. Knowing that the mind controls every function of my body I want and need it to be free of anxiety, fear, or clutter. The most important organ in my body must be ready for the day if I’m going to be ready for whatever life’s challenges may occur. How can one get ready to start their day especially a Monday with an unsettling mindset? If my mind is filled with worries of financial woes, work issues, or any other challenges my day can’t start off well. The clutter will consume my mind throughout the 24 hour time span and subconsciously those negative thoughts will affect my entire being.

The mind as powerful as it is needs to be unleashed. Unleashed in such a way that only positive energy radiates throughout your pores. Everyday you have thoughts and crossroads that you will tackle. Your thought process and what you allow to enter in your mind effect your day and the roads that you take. When you arise in the morning to get your day started how are unleashing your mind? Are you allowing your mind the organ that controls your body to be devoured with worry, fear, doubt, or anger? So at this moment I choose to unleash my mind to positive thoughts. At this moment I ask God to remove any clutter that could consume me. So today unleash your mind and your thoughts with positivity and allow God to lead the way.

Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “Mindset Monday.. page 50 of 365

  1. Great post!…. there are thousands and thousands of people that needs to read this post right here everyday people take the previous day and carry it into the current day people have to realize that once you go to sleep that day is gone it’s over with as you awaken the next day you have another chance to fulfill whatever problems or whatever situations come up believe in God he will solve it all


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