Transitional Tuesday page 51 of 365

As I’m driving to work this morning my mind wonders as I look at the change in landscape throughout my city. I’ve only been home in the DFW area for 2 years now and with time everything has changed. I mean of course it would after 20 years of not being here things wouldn’t be the same. Granted some things changed for the better while other changes that were made weren’t so good. As I’m driving I recall where there was once land with grass is now flattened and covered in concrete for buildings. Where there was once houses now stood brick and mortar retail shops. Where there were country roads with gravel they are now undergoing transformation to accomodiate traffic that is now imploding into the city. I couldn’t help but think about how I ,myself have changed and transitioned over the past 20 years. I am not the same person that was here 20 years ago at the age of 18. Physically, for the most part I look the same despite that I have gotten thicker in areas, my hips have filled out and I now have stretch marks. I may look the same physically, but overall the biggest transisition has been mentally . Most importantly I want to continue to transisition to become a better version of myself.

After life changing events such as divorce, having kids, being in stagnant relationships, and working in a non rewarding job all of those factors have transitioned my mindset. I’ve learned from those events and never want to go back and revisit any of it. Now, at the age of 41 I continue to change to be a better me. I’ve learned that my transisition process includes HOW I think, WHAT I speak , and HOW I speak. Everyday I am transitioning my mind and what I allow to enter it including my choice in music and tv shows. Transitioning from certain foods that yet I may crave but are no longer good for me. All of this making me become a better version of myself as I walk in my purpose.

So this Tuesday HOW are you transisitioning to become a better you?

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

One thought on “Transitional Tuesday page 51 of 365

  1. I can relate I myself have gone through a transitional period More than once change is never easy but it’s how you adapt is the biggest reward most of the time people perceive you on the materialistic things that you have or they see that most of time is the category that they put you in but not knowing underneath you could be in pain or just a big ball of Fire so I do understand. transition it is important daily without transition you’re never going anywhere. I can’t wait until your book is available again I see that you sold out very very quickly


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