TBT to 2006 and 2008..page 53 of 365

As I sit here in my child’s awards ceremony I can’t help but recall that it was 9 years ago when my stinker made his presence. My second offspring the one with a colorful personality, my inventor, and a damn hustler. He’s always trying to find a way to make some money. Our birthdays are 2 days apart and I just knew this 7.5 lbs baby would appear on my bday. I call him my minnie me because he is funny and silly just like his momma. When attending my oldest offspring’s ceremony I have thoughts of him being born 2 weeks early at 5.5 lbs and always plagued with ear infections. 11 years ago he graced us with his beautiful smile and wide eyes full of excitement and curiosity and always getting into something. The one that wants to see just how far he can push my buttons. The one that has an attitude just like mine. Funny thou at both ceremonies my eyes began to fill with water because I am mixed with emotions. I’m proud, happy, and sad all at the same time.

As I try to hold in my emotions I think about how much they have grown. No longer babies they are now young men. I began to wonder am I doing this parenting thing right? How do I as a female raise strong successful men? Am I strict enough or not? All of these questions race through my mind. Am I doing my best as a provider? I notice that they need haircuts and my youngest wore his brothers pants and they are too big. Why didn’t I pay attention to the small details? Am I too consumed with my full time job, promoting my book, and being a travel agent that I’m neglecting my children? I’m working basically 3 jobs trying to provide and build a legacy for them, but yet sometimes I feel that it’s not enough. Do I need to do better in raising my kids?

After some self reflecting I realized that I am doing my best. I have 2 healthy boys who are straight A students. They have their basic necessities and they are loved.

So Throwback to 2006 and 2008 when they were babies who smelled good and wanted to be under me all the time. Throwback to when they cried and I simply gave them a bottle and they became quiet. Throwback to when I didn’t have grey hair because they didn’t drive me insane like they do now! Throwback to the love I have for my babies who make me laugh, smile, cry, and complete my life!

Have a Happy Thursday!* by the time I post this it will be Friday because one of them did some stupid shit like dye his hair with Cheetos or started a fire*

Be blessed and if you have kids love on them and don’t question your parenting!

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