Friday… page 54 of 365

Finally it’s Friday the end of the week. Some people refer to this day as Fun Friday or TGIF( Thank God It’s Friday). Having just gotten out of my relaxing mediation room A.K.A the bath tub, I sit here listening to the man often times referred to as Coltrane. Smoking on my java mint stick with my windows open I think Coltrane is a man who simply says so much without saying anything. Funny how he speaks to me in his music and yet no words are said, there are no lyrics. As I sip on Grangestone single malt scotch whiskey my body is relaxed and between the two of them I no longer think about the challenges from the week. I do however think about my future. I wonder what lies ahead as I began to discover my purpose for writing? Where will it take me? Deep down inside I feel that writing is what I am suppose to do. What started out as a something small has shaped itself into something bigger. As my writing evolves it exposes more of me.

Now my close circle of friends know I’m not one to share my thoughts, feelings, desires, and past. However, something deep inside of me is telling me I need to share more of myself hoping that someone somewhere can relate. Sitting here in my room I’m in my zone with the windows open with my stick I exhale my past and breathe in my future.

Now at this point Coltrane is really speaking to me. While he is talking to me I realize my screen to my window is off. As I try to retrieve it my java mint stick falls in the grass. I panick because I’m thinking my backyard is going to become a forest fire! As I lean over out the window with my brown areolas hanging low I try and pick up my stick and I notice a damn woodland creature staring at me! What in the entire fuck ?? So here I am with my ass in the air hanging out the window literally on the inside and my areolas on the outside. Just me and the woodland creature staring at each other. Needless to say I got my java stick back!

So as I continue to listen to Coltrane, sip on scotch, and smoke my stick I will give Friday a new name Future Friday. Look to the future and fuck the past!

Have a Happy Friday!* by the time this posts it will be Saturday because the woodland creature has officially scared the shit out of me.

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