In a Sentimental Mood Saturday &Sunday part 1 pages 55 & 56 of 365

It’s the end of the weekend. Saturday and Sunday have come and gone. It’s funny how so much can happen in 48 hours. Events in our lives can take place, friendships can grow or fall apart, and within a matter of hours or minutes your life can change . Even the weather can change quickly from cold to warm and rain can come and go.  When there is a shift in the weather and in life’s situations it is up to us to determine how to handle the change. How does one face and accept unexpected occurrences in their lives? During a 48 hour time span this weekend I learned so much about the people I allowed to be in my life. Changes happened and the question was how do I respond and handle it? Over the past week, I had been praying that God removes any distractions people or things to be removed from my life . By praying this I just knew a shift would eventually happen in my life. See whenever I ask God to remove distractions from my life that’s exactly what he does. He shows me who people truly are when situations occur. Showing me in their actions or words their true character. Now it is up to me to not be blinded and realize what is going on.

As I sit back and reflect on the past 48 hours I can’t help but think my life was a reflection of the weather. There was rain then it was clear skies then a chill was in the air Sat night. My life shifted Saturday just like the weather. During the day things were coming along smooth a few hiccups along the way ,but I was being productive checking things off on my things to do list. However, during the night just like the weather my life became a cold front by people’s true identities being revealed in their actions. At the time I wasn’t aware of what was going on. It wasn’t until Sunday when the sun was out and the skies were clear that I learned how some people really are. My vision full of clarity and my eyes showing me the truth in people’s actions. Stunned at first, however there were signs along the way showing me who they really were. Signs that I chose to ignore because my vision was as dense as the fog. Only when the sun came out was my sight and mind clear. The fog had lifted.

So as this weekend comes to a close and 48 hours is almost up I won’t question why things happen or why people are removed from my life. I’ll learn from these experiences that we shared and won’t be sad. So always remember to take heed to when God is talking to you. Be still and listen he will show you what you need to know. Don’t question why he removes people from our lives either. He has his reasons and you can never go wrong with his plan.

By the time this is posted it will be Monday. I had to be still and listen to God.

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