Tuesday page 56 of 365

It’s the last Tuesday in February and as I get ready to start my day I can’t help but think how quickly this month flew by. It’s like I blinked and it was gone. So much has happened in the past 27 days. The beginning of the month my family was plagued with the flu and bronchitis, to self inflicted injuries. Once rested and healed from those illnesses there was time for celebration. My book was published on the 14th. Words couldn’t and can’t express the joy in seeing my “baby ” being born. What started out as an idea in my head that turned into a blog and finally a book was one of my best accomplishments. To see my ideas on paper and printed left me speechless. Now here it is the end of the month and there is so much to do. I’ve rested and have been given a boost of energy to move forward and continue with goals that I set for myself.

See at the beginning if the year I decided I would write down my goals for each month. I learned along time ago to write your ideas, aspirations, goals or whatever it is that you want to accomplish to write them down. Once written the it becomes real. That’s the beginning of the goal birthing process. You can have great ideas or things you want to accomplish, but if never written it may not get fulfilled. It’s simply a tiny seed in your head. My goal for January was simply to finish writing the book and edit. During this process I learned so much about self publishing. What to do, what not to do, and how to do it. There were times I became frustrated, but I knew I couldn’t give up or quit. My goal that I set for myself was important to me and I was determined to put a check mark on my “Jan goal ” list. The hard work paid off. The the desire to get it completed fed my spirit. Now here it is the last Tuesday of February and another goal can be checked off. My book is published and is available for purchase. All of those late nights writing my ideas and thoughts are printed in black and white, tangible to hold. A goal that I set for myself fulfilled and a major accomplishment set.

When I look back on process that it took to create the blog then the book nothing could be rushed or created in a hurry. There were steps that needed to be carried out before another step could take place. With time and patience all of the processes fell in order.

So as this month comes to a close I reflect on goals that I set for myself. Goals that were written on paper now checked off. Ideas that were once a tiny seed in my head put in paper and have taken a life of their own. Patience, determination , and hard work my source of food feeding my body. As my ideas and goals were being complete I was growing too.

What goals have you created for yourself ? Are they written down or still tiny seeds in your mind?

Have a Happy Tuesday !

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