Cheers to Friday,Friendships and to the Future.. page 59 of 365

Well it’s finally here my beloved Friday and hard to believe the day is finally here. It’s around 2:30 am and I’m up. Initially I got up because I was hot due to my personal summers AKA hot flashes. Realizing that I couldn’t go back to sleep I decided to write about the significance of this day.

As I lay here in my king comfort of pleasure I reflect on my friendships. In every person’s life friendships play a major role in defining who they are. During ones childhood you could have several friends, but you always had the one special friend. That person was your BFF or bestie. Sometimes we would even say LYLAS( Love you like a sister). Depending on where life leads you two you could remain besties or still be in touch just not as close as you used to be. In my 41 years of existence life has taught me about what being a friend really means. God has placed people in my life for various reasons and I tend to think I was placed in their life for a valid reason as well. At this point in my life I can honestly say I have a group of amazing women in my life. We are connected spiritually and we are each walking in our purpose. Do we agree on everything ? No. Our views are vastly different which leads to the uniqueness of my inner circle. One commonality is our purpose. We are at different stages in our walk. Several of my friends have lost jobs in corporate America, but are now fulfilling their dreams of being small business owners. One having her own nail salon, another a realtor, and another a starting a horticultural program. God closing the doors of the corporate world and opening doors to their purpose world. The doors of purpose are opening up for me and another friend as we discover our voices on paper and film. We know that God has bigger plans for the two of us and that we won’t be in our current professions long.

However, there is my one friend who within our 2 years of friendship has been the most impactful on my life. I reflect on how we met in a room full of people for an educational training class. I can’t recall the details of how we started talking ,but we exchanged numbers so we could study together. Well our study sessions at our local Starbucks didn’t involve studying at all! All we did was talk about men, kids, finances, marriage, divorce, life after divorce. Did I mention men?? As our friendship grew over Starbucks coffee,wine, a road trip to Houston , and several hair braiding seasons we grew closer spiritually. I watched her walk in her faith through som e challenging times never giving up always believing. She encouraging me to listen to sermons, read scriptures, start a prayer journal basically changing my mindset. We were both changing for the better and rediscovering ourselves. One thing is for certain she never lost her faith. She remained humble and thankful for what she had. As the two of us began to take different directions towards our purpose in life our frequent get togethers became less our daily conversations are now weekly. She is leaving tomorrow for VA to pursue her dreams having stepped out on faith to do what she is suppose to do. It’s funny because just like she encouraged me to step out in faith once now I was encouraging her to do the same. I’ll miss her yes, but I know that no matter what we will always remain friends.

So cheers to Friday, Friendships, and the Future. Remember to stay humble, be thankful, and being rich doesn’t always mean money. In the words of Smokey from Friday ” I’m going to get high today. ” High off life, love, laughter, and friendships.

Have a great Friday !

One thought on “Cheers to Friday,Friendships and to the Future.. page 59 of 365

  1. Congrats to that special lady that is moving on..she us an inspiration for us all!!! Yes purpose driven is what matters!! Thanks for your blog and I love the daily updates.


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