The Weekend pages 60 and 61 of 365

Here it is 3:45 am Tuesday and I’m up thinking about the weekend. So much happened I swear my life should be a tv show. I tell my friends all the time that I can’t make the things that happen to me up. I like to think of myself as the awkward black girl. The goofy, silly, fun loving girl with a big heart, big smile, who’s directionally challenged. I swear I could get lost in my dreams I’m so bad with directions. So when things happen to me I have to laugh because I think this could only happen to the awkward black girl.

The shennaninagans started Saturday afternoon when I decide to go to a Greek Day party. Now I’m not in a sorority, but I figured why not go and mix and mingle. Socialize and talk about my blog and the book. I figured if nothing else I could get some great writing ideas from attending. My girlfriend decided to go with me and off we went. As we’re headed there my car starts to make a clicking noise as I turn the corner. She’s scared for dear life and I assure her my car isn’t going to fall apart. I tell her it’s my axles and that we won’t be stranded on the highway. The look on her face was priceless. She looked as if to say,”Fool don’t you hear this noise ?” We laughed and and in my uniqueness I snorted ! We finally arrive at our destination and from the outside we were not impressed. Our entire energy level of excitment begin to diminish. The facade of the building was old and we were skeptical about going in, but we did. Once inside I was in awe at the interior. The ambiance was rich and vibrant with colors. The movement of the lights gave off an illumination that I had never seen before. I was in my zone listening to the music while Mark tasted good on my palate. As I’m standing here swaying my hips from left to right hands began to grip my waist startling me. I quickly turn around and it’s candidate #2. You see in my mind I’m trying to make dating for me simple as possible. Treat it like an election. When in an election, candidates are trying to get the peoples trust and attention by doing what ever it is within reason to get elected. They are consistent with campaigning, they get out and get to know the people, and most importantly they try and gain the people’s trust. So I decided to treat my dating life as such. I mean for the past 6 years of singleness why the hell not. Why not try a new approach when it comes to dating? There are 4 candidates wanting my vote, gaining my trust and doing what they need to do to court me.

Candidate#2 is standing there and had my attention. We talk laugh and he leaves for a moment to take pictures(he’s a photographer). Now I’m back in my zone when my girlfriend tells me to look up and there is Candidate#3! My 2 candidates and myself in the same room at the same time!! Talk about an interesting evening. At one point all 4 of us are standing there talking. My girlfriend is trying to divert attention be a buffer between me and them while the entire time I’m tipsy! I later discover that they know of each other! I’m thinking to myself how random is this? Out of all the men in this city these two know of each other.

As the night came to a close we parted ways and go home. The candidates continue to run for my affection and gain my trust wanting me to vote for them. I will look at each of their campaign strategies before I cast my final vote. One thing is for certain I will always vote for me, my happiness, and and my ability to love myself.

Have a Happy Tuesday and remember to always vote for you!

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