Energy page 72 of 365

Anyone that knows me is aware of how much I love Drake. I have said over and over again that I am going to meet him this year. I mean the man is fine as hell and not to mention he has “Obama swagger”, but what I love the most about him is his ability to communicate using his voice thru music. His lyrics are like verses from a hip hop bible and the words he says make sense if one simply takes the time to listen. He’s like a walking rap ministry. He has multiple songs that I like, but there are two that are my absolute favorite. “God’s Plan” and “Energy” speak volumes to me because the lyrics are true and meaningful. While over the weekend and having lunch with my friend we had a enlightening conversation about people and who we surround ourselves with. We discussed the people who we’ve dated and been in relationships with, friendships and people that we meet on a daily basis and how they either drain you of your energy or give you energy. One thing she said that resonated with me throughout the weekend was the energy that we all posses and how it can be transferred from one person to another. Energy that can either be positive or negative. Energy that is either aligned with our purpose or not aligned, and most importantly how is one channeling their energy? I couldn’t help but think about Drake and his lyrics for his song “Energy”. Basically he is telling his story of how the people that he meets or interacts with are trying to drain him of his energy. He goes on to talk about that he is looking out for friends and family and wants to help them despite having enemies that are draining his energy. All the time he has to protect his energy. ” Gotta lot of people tryna drain me of my energy” by far is the best lyric to me. Over the past two days I have been reflecting about this song and the people in my life and how these lyrics have impacted my relationships.

While being single for the past 6 years I’ve met several people that have been energy drainers or energy gainers. People that have taken my energy away or increased my energy levels. Thinking about my situationships, relationships, and what the fuck ships have drained me of my energy. The crazy thing is at the time when I surrounded myself with those energy drainers I was using what little positive energy I had to sustain the relationship. Always tired, restless nights, and feeling weak desperately trying to make something work with someone only for me to allow them to drain me. How exhausting is that? What I noticed was that the energy levels that I had carried from one relationship to another. So because my energy was drained I found myself meeting men whose energy was drained as well. Now here we are walking around together holding hands with no positive energy trying to sustain a positive relationship. How can two negative energy people possibly think they can have a positive relationship filled with positive energy. I’m thinking I am doing everything right and all the while any positive energy that I did have was being pulled out from me and not being given to me. It’s like that with friendships too. Are your friends bringing or taking away your energy? Do you feel consumed with negativity when speaking with them. Do their conversations simply make you tired?

As I move forward with my purpose I have become cautious with who I surround myself with. At this point in my life I have no desire or time to be amongst people who aren’t aligned with my purpose in life. Now more than ever while dating I protect my energy making sure that it is not consumed by an energy leech. While there are countless energy drinks out there that can give me energy lasting for 5 hours, I choose to rely on my natural energy. Making sure that I am surrounding myself with other people that have positive vibes and not “taking the wave from a sista”. I have learned to let go and detach myself from energy drainers and surround myself with energy gainers. I’ve realized that energy drainers are not only in the form of people but jobs as well.

So today, I choose to drink God’s energy drink. A drink that will last for more than 5 hours. A drink that as long as I consume it daily, I won’t have to worry about crashing. I choose to drink from the fountain of life that he has blessed me with. What energy drink are you consuming?

Have a great Tuesday and listen to Drake!

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