Spring …page 80 of 365

It is officially spring and during this time of the year while on break I partake in the usual “Spring Cleaning” song and dance. Cleaning my house from top to bottom, cleaning baseboards, the garage, reorganizing my kitchen, and going thru my families closets. The boys have a fashion show trying on clothes and anything they can’t wear I get rid of by donating. Very time consuming but worth it in the end. Our closets are free of any unnecessary items creating more space for the new items. That old saying “out with the old in with new” applies during my Spring Break cleaning process. It is always a much needed break I think for all of us because one can reflect on what lies ahead for the remainder of the year and even what has transpired in the prior months. The weather is changing getting warmer in certain regions and the days are longer.

While in the mist of cleaning I couldn’t help but think about the time changing and how we spring forward adding an additional hour to our lives of busyness and time to enjoy the additional sunlight. As I sat here in the mist of my clothes I realized I have always cleaned my house and rid of it of clutter, but never really my mind. Never have I said to myself, “whilst removing the tangible items let me remove the clutter of my mind” or ” let me spring forward with my way of thinking “. At that moment a choice was made to remove any mind clutter. This consists of contacts in my phone who I allowed to fill my mind with clutter, old photos of previous lovers, and text messages that I’ve received from them or anyone else who takes up unnecessary mental space. At that moment I made the conscious decision to spring forward with my way of thinking. No longer would I allow certain personalities such as insecurity, jealously, anger, or confusion cloud my mind creating a dense fog of bullshit. I have so much to do with my purpose in life that springing forward and spring cleaning of my mind is a must it’s simply a requirement.

This past week several events led to this defining moment in my life. Events that I will speak about later in my poetry and upcoming blog posts.

So today at this very moment I choose to spring forward in my way of thinking only allowing positive thoughts. I declare at this very moment to remove clutter from my mind and spirit. For at this very moment even when the time has changed and we “fall back” an hour I won’t fall back mentally to old habits or “fall back ” in the arms of past lovers who aren’t good for me and clutter my mind with confusion or sadness. For at this very moment I will always spring forward.

What spring cleaning are you doing ?

Transisitional Tuesday

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