March Madness…Mecury Retrograde page 85 of 365

During the month of March there is alot that goes on each year during these 31 days. Spring begins, time changes, and college basketball is in an uproar with playoffs. College teams across the country are fighting for the title of being number one in NCAA basketball. In addition to these events there is also the occurance of Mercury Retrograde. If you’re not familiar with the concept it’s basically the orbital movement of Mercury and how it affects our everyday lives. During this 3 week span of solar system movement it is said that because of the shift in the planet Mercury appears to move backward effecting our daily lives. Communication and travel plans are thrown off course because Mercury is said to rule communication. When the planet is in retrograde it can cause confusion,delay in projects, and frustration. Now I’m not sure if you believe in any of this, but one thing is for certain my entire month of March has been both a cluster fuck of events and new beginnings.

In the course of 26 days I have been stalked with some sort of tracking device via my phone or email, lied to by what turned out to be a fuck boy who said he wasn’t in a relationship but really he was and the entire time he had a whole cootie cat at home, it had been going on 2 weeks since I had vitamin Dick, and to top it off my skin was flaring up with eczema due to the change in weather. Oh and I almost forgot while leaving an event it was raining so bad my car started to hydroplane. I pulled over to check my tires and some weirdo in what appeared to be the Scooby Doo Mystery mobile pulled behind me. I got in my car so fast and by the grace of God I made it home safely. So yes my life was a walking Mercury Retrograde and March Madness.

Now here it is Monday March 26th and over the weekend God closed some doors and puts burglar bars on them so new doors would open. It’s funny how He speaks to us in various ways. Sunday He spoke through my publicist Shar. She told me how to market my book said I needed to use my voice to reach my target audience which are women. So I did just that and using my voice I met 2 amazing women who shared their story with me. One made a purchase and the other signed up to follow my blog and she graciously paid for my groceries! How amazing is that?

So with only a few more days remaining in the month I will not allow the planets to dictate my life’s events. The planets may be in retrograde moving backward but I will fight against the angst of the cosmic solar system and move forward. There will no longer be Madness in March only Marching and Moving forward.

So I challenge you to use your voice so you can be heard ,listen to God when he speaks, don’t open doors he’s closed, and most importantly don’t allow life’s cluster fucks of events send you into an orbital nightmare.

Move and March forward this Monday!

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