YOLK..page 89 of 365

It’s Friday end of the week and it also happens to be Good Friday. I’m off work and kids are at a day camp so I have the pleasure of enjoying me and having quiet time. The weather is nice the sun is out and it’s not too hot. Now in Texas you take advantage of days like this because once the summer hits it will feel like you’re in an oven all day! Today is a great day for patio vibes consisting of mimosas or Ketel One with a twist of lime,and Pandora set on Jill or Raheem.

Since I knocked out all of my errands early, I decided to go to my favorite brunch spot downtown. I love it here. The food is amazing, customer service is great, and I can valet park at no charge. Now for me that is a winner to valet park because I hate parking downtown! I get all confused with the one way streets and would lose my car. Yes sounds crazy, but it’s happened before. I have college degree, am an educator, author, have popped out 2 kids, can make $100.00 last for the entire month, but have no fucking sense of direction!!! LOL So valet parking is my best friend.

As I sit here at my table for one I take in the decor, the structure ,and the overall architectural design of the establishment. It’s different and not constructed like most eateries. They have 2 main colors throughout which are yellow and blue with just a hint of grey and white in certain areas. The blue reminds me of the deep blue ocean while the yellow is a reflection of the sun rays pouring in from the sky lights. The hint of white throughout are the clouds. The structure consists of brick pillars and the floor is of wood grain tiles. You can see the steel beams as well in the center of the establishment. As I sit here I began to realize why this place is my zen, my quiet place despite the noise of the music and the clanking of the dishes. This place is me. I’m strong like the steel beams throughout. My spirit is bright and radiant like the yellow and my smile reflecting my pearly whites like the white tile. The brick is my wall that I have placed over my heart so it won’t break again. The blue is sometimes the sadness that consumes me when I wonder am I doing enough for my boys? The thought of them growing up and being released in the world scares me. The blue is the uncertainty of me wondering will I be single forever? The blue is fear and doubt that enters my mind. Fear such as can I really be a successful author? Doubting myself that it will not work. I don’t have these thoughts often, but when I do it’s the blue in me it’s the sadness.

So as I get ready to pay and leave my zen, my brick and mortar reflection of me I will be bright like the yellow, smiling showing my pearly whites, strong like the steel beams and wood grain flooring. However, I won’t be blue and today I will start chipping away at the brick wall outlining my heart .

So today find your favorite place that’s your zen and be yellow and bright!

Make it a Good Friday!

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