Foundation… page 92 of 365

My two favorite non alcohol drinks are Dr.Pepper and Topo Chico. Since my youngest was born and my taste buds changed I often times crave Dr.Pepper and recently I’ve been on a mineral water kick. I tried the Topo Chico at my friends’ house and my taste buds have been in love ever since. Now I know Dr.Pepper has been around since the beginning of time, but didn’t know how long Topo Chico had been in business. When I googled them they were founded in 1885 and Topo Chico was founded in 1895. Here it is 133 plus years later and both are still in existence and popular among the masses. I couldn’t help but wonder, how are they able to sustain the perils of our topsy turvy economy and the ever-changing fads and trends within our society? After all ,there are countless of carbonated beverages on grocery store shelves as we speak so how are these two still maintaining? What foundation was set in place hundreds of years ago so that they could be around today?

Now clearly I wasn’t around then to see these companies start, but one thing I know for sure is foundation to anything is key. If you think about it foundation is the base that makes up the structure to hold buildings,houses, and statues. All these are physical things we can see. However, foundation is just as important to the things we can’t touch. I think of my marriage and honestly I can say now it wasn’t founded properly. The foundation that started our courtship leading to our marriage was weak. The beams to hold it in place were tarnished by verbal abuse, alcohol, and not knowing how to effectively communicate with each other. By the 6th year of our marriage the support to hold it in place was as weak as a trailer home in a tornado! All of the support was weakned from anger and had water damage because of the tears that I cried. Marriage is one area that without a strong foundation of communication, team work, financial awareness, spiritual realtionship with God it will and can fall apart over a period of time.

I started to think about how the foundation must be strong when raising my boys. What I do now raising them is valuable for them as they get older. Teaching them to be responsible and respectful young men is so important. How to treat women, build a relationship with God are all part of a strong foundation that can’t afford to be weak.

This weekend was yet another eye opener for me. I reflected on the foundation and structure of my friendships and career in education. The women I surround myself with are strong and supportive and we each hold the other up when we feel the pressures of jobs, kids, finances, etc.. I even thought about my career as an educator and the grade level which I teach is the foundation to their educational lives. Everything that surrounds me involves foundation and structure.

Most importantly, while at church I thought about my purpose as an author and blogger. The lyrics that came to mind were,” On Christ the solid rock I stand all other ground is sinking sand.” Such powerful and impactful words. My words and execution of my book and blog must be solid so that I can be successful. I can’t afford any area in my life to be on a weak unsecure platform. As long as I stand on the solid rock that God has placed before me I will be successful in all areas of my life.

So I ask you what are you standing on? What structures are holding your life in place? What does your foundation look like?

I want my purpose in my words to last for the next 100 plus years like Dr. Pepper and Topo Chico and be meaningful like ole school hip hop !

Make it a Meaningful Monday!

One thought on “Foundation… page 92 of 365

  1. This message gave me chills… you have brought up a extremely good topic… foundation is what you have to build on and it will never work with in any aspects of life with a weak foundation.


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