Dreams Deferred…page 98 of 365

Dreams we all have them and it’s amazing how a series of thoughts, images,or sensations can be so life-like and real.  We can dream about family members, friends, children, and even a series of life events. I often think that God speaks to me in my dreams telling me or showing me what I need to do in my life. Not only do we dream about people who are important to us or have a series of images in our heads while sleep there is another form of a dream that we have. We all have goals, desires, and ideas that we want to accomplish in a matter of months or sometimes years depending on what it is. Our goals or desires are another form a dream. They are thoughts  and images of how we are going to execute our goals replayed in our mind, and the sensation is so real one can taste it.  For me and I would imagine for anyone else, our aspirational dreams are close to our hearts. We hold tight to our aspirational dreams because they are important to us. Often times we may or may not reveal our aspirational dreams to everyone because they can be dream snatchers. Now if you don’t know what a dream snatcher is ,it is a person who either wants to steal our dreams or throws us off course preventing us from accomplishing our hearts desires.

This past weekend I encountered a dream snatcher. Now I have known this person for several months and when asked where do I see myself in 5 years I told him. It’s simple, my dream is to be a motivational speaker, have 4 books published, and have my own tv show. I was taken aback by his response because I was told Sunday via text at 7:01 pm that “to  become a motivational speaker it doesn’t happen right away and that it couldn’t happen in 5 years”.  Clearly I just looked at the phone and was speechless. In the blink of an eye my dreams were deferred by someone’s words. I felt defeated in a matter of minutes. As I drove home I couldn’t help but think about my favorite poet Langston Hughes and his poem ” Dream Deferred”.  Would I allow someone to defer my dreams and have me think that my “dreams could fester like a sore or become dry like a raisin in the sun”? The answer,” HELL NO”!! However, for a moment I questioned if I truly could make my dreams a reality. Amazing how someones words can have such an impact on our thoughts and feelings. As I drove home I shared my ” dream deferred ” conversation with two of my friends. Both supportive  and giving me great advice on steps that I need to take to make my dreams come to fruition. Nothing negative to say only positive words of encouragement and consistently telling me that it can be done within my 5 year time frame. After talking to them I instantly felt much better. I mean deep down in my spirit I know I will see my dreams come to life, but when you tell someone what your dreams are and they speak negatively you can’t help but question yourself.

Our dreams aren’t meant to be deferred. They are our inner most desires and thoughts that reflect our purpose in life. We cannot let outsiders become dream snatchers by their words and actions. However, it is up to us to hold fast to our dreams and not let anyone rob us of them. We can’t allow anyone’s negative words dictate our thoughts therefore making us become doubtful. I will not allow dream snatchers be part of my life for they are only there to rob me of my purpose and drain me of my energy. I will only allow dream catchers to be part of my life. Always encouraging me and letting me know that my dreams will become a reality.

So today I challenge you to not let your dreams be deferred. Don’t let them sag or explode, don’t let them fester, but rather keep them held high close to your heart.

And remember tell those dream snatchers to FUCK OFF!!!

Happy Tuesday!

5 thoughts on “Dreams Deferred…page 98 of 365

  1. Dream snatchers don’t believe in themselves so it’s hard for them to believe in others. Keep showing the world what you can do and the ones with limited minds will either be converted or move out of the way.

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  2. A chain is only strong as its weakest link. Some people dont know what they do or say may have a negative impact on you. You’ve know this person for sometime it’s a strong chance they have always been this way. Now that you are coming into the discovery of self…get that person out of your circle & only keep contact with them if needed with a long arm. Hold your head high & whatever you dreamed for yourself can be manifested into reality!!!

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