Scandal page 102 of 365

For seven years I have been in a mind blowing whirlwind relationship. An affair of sorts that would occur every week involving romance, drama, intrigue, and often times murder. As crazy as our love affair was with all of the lies and deceit that frequently occurred I remained faithful. Each Thursday at 8:00 pm we would meet for dinner and wine and for an hour my mind was stimulated by the romance that we often times shared. Rarely was I late for my date because I didn’t want to miss out on anytime spent that we would spend together. For seven years I was in a committed relationship that came to an end the same day we met which was a Thursday in April. For seven years I was in love with Scandal. A show created and written by Shonda Rimes and she with other writers kept me coming back for more each week. I was hooked on the show simply because I was thrown into another world. A world like no other.

Now like with any good show filled with great writing, acting, and plot twists I had my favorite character which of course was Oliva Pope. Now she was something else to say the least often times not caring who she hurt to get what she wanted. I related to her not in this sense of hurting others, but her sense of style and confidence, and saying what was on her mind. If she wanted something badly enough she fought to get it not giving up. That characteristic alone is what I too found myself possessing. See, as I found my purpose in life which is writing and to become a motivational speaker I realized that if I truly want to fulfill my dream I can’t give up on something that I want. I can’t allow people to sway me with negative thoughts telling me that it can’t be done at all or telling me that it will take longer than the time I have allowed myself to accomplish my goals. I can’t afford to become lazy and fall prey to procrastnation. I can’t allow certain people and situtations become distractions throwing me off course. I can’t feel defeteated if challenges arise. I have and must continue to press on to accomplish my dreams. The question that I now ask myself is how bad I want it?

As I continued to watch the show and follow the twists and turns of the story line, one thing was for certain. She was becoming stronger each episode driven by her obsession to have power only to become weak at the same time. Weak in the sense she was in love with someone that she could not have. Amazes me that we, women and men can fight for what we want when it comes to our careers, dreams, and fulfilling our goals we won’t let anything get in our way if we truly want it bad enough. We are strong in these areas of our lives only to be weak when it comes to love. I mean when we meet the that special person we let any guards that we have down, do things that we may or may not do, we feel safe and secure with that person trusting them with our innermost thoughts. For the simple fact is we all want to be loved by that special person. Olivia was in love with Fitz who for the majority of the show was married therefore they truly had a love affair. This entire story line resonated with me because I too had feelings for someone who I can’t be with because he is committed to someone else. I mean there was no affair like in the show, but the feelings were there and at the end of the day there can be no “us” because there will always be a “them”. How frustrating is it meet someone that you have a genuine interest in and they have a whole cootie cat at home?

On April 19,2018 my love affair came to an end. Our seven year courtship had run its course and it is time to move on. No more lies, deceit, twists and turns of political madness. My Thursdays will now consist of business meetings while smoking cigars at my favorite cigar lounge. I will continue to hold my head high, dressed in Olivia Pope fashion walking like I can rule the world. For I will fullfill my dreams never giving up becoming stronger each day. I know that my life will never be like Scandal, however I can’t wait to meet my Fitz. My Fitz is somewhere smoking a cigar, drinking Macallan, listening to the tunes of David Caesar or Stokley belt out Organic. He will encourage and always be there for me. He will make me weak with his touch, voice, and how he looks at me with excitement.

So make it a great day ! Don’t let 4/20 cause a SCANDAL in your life!!! Be great and be high!!!

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