Followers and watchers page 108 of 365

It is Monday the start of another work week and I’m still in bed knowing I need to get up and be great. However, in his usual fashion my king of pleasure is holding me down. I’m laying here thinking about this past weeks events that have happened in my life. My brain is on overdrive and just like any woman over the age of 30 I’m thinking of 50 things at once. The usual finances, kids, men, family, my book, my blog, and the list goes on and on. What stands out the most is what happened at work this past week.

I’m a kindergarten teacher, yes I find it hard to believe at times that I actually teach little people. I even find it harder that I left corporate America to teach. I’ve been teaching for 2 years now and love it. The joy they bring daily is something that is indescribable. My teaching style is very structured however we have fun. In other words they know that Ms.Goode does not tolerate foolishness. I love what I do and it feels good to know that I could be setting the foundation for the next President, inventor, etc. I do my job well and make sure I stay out of teacher gossip. So when I received an email from my principal I immediately thought I did something wrong. You know that feeling you get at the pit of your stomach when your boss wants to speak with you? A feeling of uneasiness and your mind wanders like what the hell did I do? I finally decided to read the email after staring at my computer for 5 min giving myself a panic attack. I was speechless when I read it. Out of all the teachers they chose me to observe as part of an interview peocess. I was flattered and figured I must be doing something right. I couldn’t help but wonder, when did he see me teach a lesson? He’s peeped his head in a few times to speak maybe that was all he needed to see. Has he been watching me all along and I didn’t know it? Was it another staff member who observed me and gave him feedback? At any rate one thing I realized is you never know who is watching you.

In our society we are all watchers to a certain degree. The social media world has led us to be consumed with watching other people’s movements in life as well following to see what people are doing. We are curious to see what others are doing. My GG would say, “You never know who is watching you so be on your best behavior”. It’s funny and after all these years her words are applicable in my daily movements.

As I create a brand for myself people are watching me via Facebook and as I increase my exposure people began to follow me on IG. As I educate my students my administrators will observe my teaching style. Even my students are watching what I say, how I say things, and they are also watching my mannerisms. Even when dating we tend to watch someone else’s movements before approaching them. Women, at one point in time we have watched a guys movements before we strike up a conversation. Men do this as well observing to see how we carry ourselves in public. We are always watching and if we are intrigued or it’s something or someone we want we will then follow.

So as I prepare for my day I will be mindful of my actions and how I speak to people. I will be conscientious of what I say and aware of my disposition when speaking with others.

One thing is for certain God is always watching over me keeping me safe and because of this I try my best to follow in his footprints.

Have a great Monday!

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