Bad Timing…page 150 of 365

It’s Sunday morning and it’s already 80 degrees and it’s not even 10:00 am. It is Texas, so I should be used to this weather during the summer, but I’m never ready for it. I have been debating if I was going to go outside and write while sipping on my coffee, but the air in my house and my king of comfort feel great so I’ll just stay inside and watch my favorite movie Love Jones. It’s a romantic comedy that follows two people Nina and Darius going through the ins and outs of a relationship. The music, the poetry, the friendship, and the ups downs of relationships make it one of my all-time favorites. My favorite scene is when Nina and Darrius have met each other for the second time and Darrius is trying his best to get Nina to go out with him. She says one simple phrase a phrase that has so much meaning and in my opinion is an underlying theme in the movie. He asks her out for drinks and she simply respond,” It’s just bad timing. nothing personal.” Throughout the movie timing plays a huge part in their relationship. From the first moment they met, while being together, and apart, and eventually reconnecting timing is key. I couldn’t help but think about the events in my own life and how over the past few days I found myself in a “bad timing “situation.  Recently I was seeing a guy who in told me it was bad timing for him to be in a serious relationship since having just recently divorced. We had been seeing each other for a few weeks when he could tell that I wanted something more. At first the words stung like a bee, but I appreciated the fact that he told me how he felt early on instead of leading me on for months knowing he wanted nothing serious. Now that would have been bad timing too because at that point I would have been furious that he didn’t tell me sooner.  After he told me this, I couldn’t help but wonder, am I even ready for relationship and is it the right time for me to be in one?

As I sit here under my fan sipping on my mimosa I began to think about how timing is crucial in our decision-making process. If one rushes into something too soon or too late it can alter the next outcome in our lives. Life events such a move, investments, job offer all involve good or bad timing. However, I think when it comes to relationships timing is crucial. One party can be ready the other party may not be ready for a committed relationship for various reasons. Reasons such as having just gotten out of a relationship or maybe their finances or time won’t allow them to be in a one. I look at it like this two people can meet have a lot in common and seems like everything would work out, but if the timing isn’t right well no reason to force something at that moment. In all areas of our lives when the time is right everything will fall into place.

I do know this, God’s timing is always right in everything that is involved in our lives. For his time is always perfect.

So now it’s time for me to go and see my GG one last time. I won’t look at it as bad timing just the right time for her to be at peace.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday


One thought on “Bad Timing…page 150 of 365

  1. Awww man. That’s a great way to look at it. It’s easy to be selfish in nature to want things to happen when we want them to happen, or not happen at all. Regardless of the sequence of events, we can be sure that “all things work together for the good of those that love the Lord according to His purpose.” Rest in love GG! Your purpose has been fulfilled…

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