Mood Changes page 187 of 365

Here it is another hot sunny day in the Lone Star state and I’m feeling great. The sun is out I’ve started my day off listening to my favorite gospel singer Deitrick Haddon, breakfast is being made and this time it’s not by me, and my house is clean. Life is great despite the usual financial hiccups that can come our way. The kids had a sleep over and are having fun and surprisingly, no arguments thank goodness. As I prepare for the day “the cook” and I decide to have a get together later in the evening  a few of our friends over and play a friendly game of spades. Now just to be clear having a ” friendly game of spades” seems to be unheard of I guess but, could actually happen depending on who you are playing with. When I told “the cook” I don’t know how to play one of the simplest and oldest games known especially in the black community family gatherings the look on his face was a look of pure disbelief. It was as if I lost my “black card” and was no longer accepted in the melanin group. I quickly tried to redeem myself and say,”I know how to play dominoes!” However, that was still unacceptable though and ” the cook” insisted that I learn immediately. As the day quickly moved on it was time for our guests to come over. The food is on the grill, adult spirits are chilled, back yard is ready for patio talk, and the deck is set. As we began to partake in conversation centered around dating in 2018, I excused myself and went to the kitchen to check on the food. As I’m standing in the kitchen I suddenly feel sad and irritable at the same time. I could feel my entire body change altering my spirits. My entire mood shifted in a matter of minutes. As I walked back outside and sat down I was no longer the ” life of the party” I was meh. You know meh that emoji or feeling of I don’t care what anyone does or says because I don’t have enthusiasm what so ever. The cook began to ask if something was troubling me and I simply said no. I mean after all there wasn’t anything that I could honestly say was wrong with me.

As the night moved on, my mood continued to be a mixture of meh and irritability. This feeling of not feeling like myself was not want I wanted or expected. Excusing myself I went to my king of comfort. The next morning I decided to replay last nights events. What created the change in my mood? What was said or not said that would have caused me to feel the way I did? Honestly, at first I couldn’t think of anything, even consulting with my besties on the shift in my mood swings asking them what could prompt such a change? After much consideration I had to think of what has changed in my lifestyle the past 2 months. Then it dawned on me not only had my GG received her heavenly  wings, but I was no longer on the Mirena. I knew I was depressed about my beloved GG, but  could the break up with the Mirena  have affected my mood? That’s when I discovered what is known as the Mirena Crash. For those that aren’t aware the Mirena is a 5 year IUD. Now the Mirena and I were great when we were together which was for 10 years. She was like the reliable best friend, always there when I needed her and protecting me of course. However, when our friendship had run its course well my body had to adjust. My body depended on her to supply the artificial hormone that my body would naturally make. So once she was removed from my life my body well is going through withdrawls. Once removed symptoms are mood swings among others such as breast tenderness, fatigue, and several other frequent side affects. I hadn’t had the Mirena in 2 months and if this was going to create mood swings this erratic I won’t be able to function. At this moment I know what needs to be done.

I knew that in order to balance my mood swings and get my body adjusted to not being with the Mirena a change would need to happen with my diet. My entire life I have been able to eat pretty much whatever I wanted and it not affect me. However, now that I’m older and wanting to get my body producing hormones naturally I decided to stay away from red meat, less caffeine, and sugar products. It’s been only a few weeks, but I’m starting to feel better. I  know that the Mirena and I were besties for years and I will miss her, but I am looking forward to a new life without her. So today, I will start my journey of eating right, removing toxins from my life, and produce these natural hormones that God gave me!

In the words of Lil Duval “Live your best life”!!! Have a great day!

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