Shockwave page 185 of 365

They say everything is bigger in Texas from the sizes of  houses to food portions even  ranches that are on acres of land, and wind farms that span for miles , highschool football stadiums that outshine NFL stadiums , and hell even the state itself is twice the size of Germany.  I mean I think the bugs here are bigger too.  I don’t really know if this is true , but I think they are. As I sit here in the back yard on this semi cool evening, I can’t help but think about my favorite past times while in high school and spending my summers at Six Flags where like everything else in Texas the roller coasters are larger than life. Before I started working there I would ride the various attractions when one summer I finally got the courage to ride the Shockwave. I have always been afraid of heights, but this time I decided I would ride this gigantic double loop adventure.  I recall getting in the car and being scared out of my mind, but I was determined to go thru with it. While sitting there in the seat the attendant strapped the metal arms over my body and secured it in place with the latch. As I sat there talking to God I prayed that nothing would happen while on my 65 mph ride. The Shockwave starts slow increasing in speed. There were twists and turns from left to right, up and down while the force of gravity, altitude, and speed jerked me around like I was in a dryer. I couldn’t help but think that the Shockwave represented my life over the past years and most importantly this summer. The twists and turns, feeling like I’m all over the place in life at times and always on the go where it seems like I am going at a rate of 65 mph never stopping to relax has been my world for quite some time. One minute my life is starting out slow and smooth and the next thing I know I’m flying through life in a roller coaster seat trying not to loose my mind. Finances, kids, friendships, careers, family, relationships hell just life in general can come at you and have you feeling like you are upside down in life.

This summer was especially hard for me and life hit me like I was riding the  Shockwave. See my GG, my friend, my grandmother was granted her wings and honestly my life since then has been like the double loop roller coaster. One minute I’m happy the next sad and grieving. I’m still learning how to cope with her not being here and I know it will take time to heal from her not physically being here. This summer also consisted of twists and turns with my health as well both mentally and physically. Having been on a prescribed medicine for roughly 10 years and deciding to longer be on it well it has definitely made an impact on me. Just like the roller coaster ride with all the twists and turns, loops, jerking back and forth side to side, and going upside down all of these movements were my emotions not only this summer, but since my divorce 6 years ago.

I decided that yes life can be like an emotional roller coaster ride much like the Shockwave. I mean life can hit you hard and unexpected, but to me it’s how you handle the ride. Will you remain calm and sit still thinking about your next move, will you raise your hands high and say fuck it I can’t do this anymore, or will you be so scared that you simply don’t face the challenges as they come? However you handle it always remember this that while on the roller coaster ride there is always a bar that secures you. A latch in place so you won’t fall out of the seat. When life challenges hit me like the Shockwave I quickly remind myself that I am protected by the bar and latch. Only this time it is not the metal arm and the small latch that I can see, however, it is  God’s arm protecting me while on this ride of life. He continues to put his arm around me and locking his fingers in place so I won’t fall. He won’t let me go always protecting me.

So not matter what roller coaster you are on or how if the problems in life are bigger than Texas just remember you are always being protected and take one day at a time.

Have a great Saturday!


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