page 365 of 365…

Here it is the first Monday in the year and the last page of 2018. 365 days or 365 pages of my life as I like to call it. I started this blog in Jan documenting or rather blogging about my life and the events that took place. Writing about my friendships, relationships, and me evolving towards my purpose in life sharing with the public. My purpose in telling my stories is to bring inspiration, hope, and most importantly realizing that you aren’t alone in this journey called life. For the longest time I would say, ” I can’t be the only one experiencing this or facing this challenge ” and sure enough as I started writing readers would tell me ,” I can relate.” I’ve discovered that my voice is in my words and my thoughts are articulated by my words. It took me 20 years to uncover my purpose when truthfully it has always been here with me. From the time I was a young girl writing in my journals has always given me pleasure yet I was too shy to express myself. Now at the seasoned age of 42 I am no longer shy when it comes to expressing myself and sharing my innermost thoughts and desires. Writing is my purpose and each day my voice will be heard.

As 2018 has come to a close a new chapter begins. Another 365 days of life, love, and self discovery while finding your purpose. Embrace it , cherish it , and most importantly do what makes you happy. Step outside your comfort zone and make every page in your life a memorable one.


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