More than a 10 day challenge..#beseenin 19

In Jan I decided to embark on a 10 day green smoothie challenge. The concept is fairly simple, you are only to consume smoothies for 10 days and you can eat small snacks throughout the day. The smoothies consist of fruit, greens, protein is optional and stevia for sweeter. Now the way my metabolism and hunger are set up I decided to incorporate a variety of healthy meals to eat as well. I have a high metabolism therefore making my body naturally burn energy at a fast rate of speed so I had to make sure I included healthy snacks to eat throughout the day. In addition,I also drank alkaline water and reduced my red wine intake not to mention taking Mag07 pills to flush any toxins from my body. *( Mag07 should be taken in the comfort of your home and not when your significant other is around) My purpose in doing this cleanse or challenge was for various reasons, but primarily I needed and wanted to change my diet and eating habits. I even tried several vegan dishes which I really enjoyed. Besides I figured this was a sure way to lose inches from my tummy which began to inflate due to the consumption of my weakness…beer. Who knew that barley, yeast, hops, and water would have my tummy looking like I was 3 months pregnant! At 42, this was not the way I wanted to look. So let the games began I thought! Feeling anxious and excited I looked forward to my journey of clean eating. So my journey began and by day 4 I was having the hangry ( not hungry) blues. Now my close friends were completing their own cleanse so it was great to have a support team where we encouraged each other. Checking in on each other, sending motivation via text , and lifting our spirits up when we began to possibly feel as if we were not going to make it. By day 8 I was feeling great and was full of energy and by the 10th day I felt like a new person. Amazing after 10 days of removing toxins from my body I became more aware of what I put in my body… it was a complete rebirth. Now what I also realized is that it was more than a physical transformation it was mental as well. Did I loose the inches off my tummy? Did I feel better? Was my skin glowing? The answers to the above questions were YES. However, it was the mental transformation that I fully appreciated the most.

See during the cleanse, I had the chance to open my mind and really sit down and think about my life. I asked myself what changes did I want to make? Financially? Spiritually? With my kids? Relationships? My writing? I simply had clarity and discovered the answers. This mental cleanse was definitely what I needed. I had thought about making changes yes, but never really sat down and wrote it out on how I was going to change. So I created a list to check off as I accomplished my goals. As I began to write it became therapeutic and relaxing. I had a game plan and was going to execute it. Financially, I decided to invest in my writing and in other projects. I figured what better way to utilize any extra money was to invest in myself. Spiritually, I decided that I wanted to start going back to church or at least listen to sermons during the week and on Sundays. I realized that I missed that connection and time spent with God and that time to give to the higher being is much deserved and for me a must. When it came to my children spending quality time with them needed to be a priority. I mean sure we can be in the same house, but they are upstairs on the game and I am downstairs writing ,but to spend time with them talking to them or us going on adventures is something I want us to do. They are getting older and will eventually leave the nest so taking the time to be with them now is what I cherish. Lastly, relationships with my friends family, coworkers and my boyfriend must be healthy. (I can’t believe I have a boyfriend lol). The way I communicate in expressing myself I decided that this needed to become a goal as well. As my grandmother would always say it ‘s not what you say but how you say it. It took me 42 years to figure that out. The simple fact is I have always been…well blunt when expressing myself. Now this is a characteristic I am continually working on because it can be a daily struggle. At times it can be challenging because I am quick to say something and it come across mean or harsh. Now I am more contentious of others feelings and my tone of voice and am practicing the art of strategically learning how to convey my thoughts. Lastly ,with my relationships I wrote that I will no longer allow toxic people or negative energy consume me. I simply can’t be surrounded by it and will quickly distance myself from it. The relationships I have are vital to me and they must be healthy and free from drama and toxicity. At my age I refuse to entertain negativity or dark energy. Being subject to toxic relationships at work or home is like cancer eating away at your spirit, your mind, your body.. basically your overall health. Who would ever want to subject themselves to such a disease? Especially one that you can control.

As this month comes to a close I continue to cleanse my mind and body. Drinking my green smoothies daily and eating healthy and most importantly not allowing myself to drained from toxic people or events. I have no desire to have my energy consumed with any form of drama or stress.

Remember shit comes out your body don’t let shit in your body or mind! How will you cleanse your body and your mind? Stay cleansed in 2019!#beseenin19

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